Disaster Recovery Guide: DR in Virtualized Environments

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Disaster Recovery Guide: DR in Virtualized Environments

Virtualization of the data center has proven to be a true IT game-changer, providing increased flexibility and control in managing production workloads, as well as, making disaster recovery easier by representing everything in logical terms and doing away with the need for a physical replica of your environment.

This whitepaper on “Disaster Recovery Guide-DR in Virtualized Environments”-

  • Provides insights in the challenges, needs, strategies, and available solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity, especially in modern, virtualized environments and the public cloud

  • Explains the benefits and efficiencies Virtual Replication delivers and how it compares to other BC/DR technologies

  • Provides businesses with the right information to choose the best possible BC/DR solution for their situation

You've already realized the benefits of server virtualization but have you extended that to your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan?

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